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Handmade Large Native American Navajo Sand Painted Pillow Vase Pottery

Handmade Large Native American Navajo Sand Painted Pillow Vase Pottery

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Introducing the Sand-Painted Pillow Vase Pottery, a captivating masterpiece
brought to life by the skilled hands of artist Mollie Goldtooth. This pottery
vase is not just a vessel; it's a statement of artistic expression.

Mollie Goldtooth's craftsmanship shines in this exquisite vase, which combines
traditional pottery techniques with her unique sand-painted designs. The result
is a one-of-a-kind piece, where no two vases are exactly alike.

The distinctive pillow shape of the vase offers an enchanting canvas for
Mollie's intricate sand-painted patterns. Its textured surface and harmonious
color palette draw inspiration from the natural world, bringing the outdoors

Whether it graces your coffee table, bookshelf, or any space in your home, this
vase is a conversation starter and a source of visual delight. Use it to
showcase your favorite blooms or let it stand as a standalone work of art.

Mollie Goldtooth's Sand-Painted Pillow Vase Pottery is more than just a vessel;
it's a celebration of nature's beauty and an homage to the artist's talent. Own
a piece of art that not only adds elegance to your decor but also reflects the
artist's dedication to her craft.

Hight: 8.5 in 

Width: 7 in

Weight: 27 oz 

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purchasing. Moreover, picture colors can occasionally differ slightly.

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measurements, size and dimensions are not always exact.

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