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Handmade Medium Horsehair Quail Pottery

Handmade Medium Horsehair Quail Pottery

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Introducing our Handmade Quail Shaped Horsehair Pottery, a true testament to the
artistry of handcrafted ceramics. Each piece is a masterpiece of skilled
craftsmanship, meticulously shaped into the graceful form of a quail. 

Elevate your decor with the timeless elegance of our quail-shaped horsehair
pottery, where nature's inspiration meets the hands of a skilled artisan.

 Local Artist Luna from Albuquerque, New Mexico created this ceramic. Because
each pattern is had crafted, each piece is distinctively different. At several
phases, paint and textured glaze are applied, at a minimum of three firings are
done to each piece of pottery.

New Mexico artist Emne (AKA Luna) designs and handcrafts pottery incorporating
24 k gold and horsehair. Each piece is inspired by the beautiful sceneries of
the Southwest making each piece a collectable work of art for years to come.

Horsehair pottery pieces are made by using hair from the horse's mane or tail.
The piece is fired and then pulled from the kiln red hot to lay the hair onto
it. Every strand of hair carbonizes, leaving random patterns in the pieces.

Height: 4in

Width: 4.5in 

Weight: 6.9oz 

Please note that all measurements are approximate, please keep in mind before
purchasing. Moreover, picture colors can occasionally differ slightly.

While we make every effort to obtain the greatest and most accurate
measurements, size and dimensions are not always exact.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of our products, please feel
free to reach out.

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