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Handmade Medium Native Navajo American Sand painted Wedding Vase Pottery with End Of The Trail/ Sunface Design

Handmade Medium Native Navajo American Sand painted Wedding Vase Pottery with End Of The Trail/ Sunface Design

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Celebrate your love and honor the rich traditions of Native American art with our stunning Handmade Sand Painted Wedding Vase, expertly crafted by the renowned artist, Mollie Goldtooth. This extraordinary piece of artistry is a testament to Mollie's deep connection with her heritage and her dedication to preserving the cultural significance of native craftsmanship.

Mollie Goldtooth, a master of sand painting and a native of Sheep Springs, New Mexico, brings her unparalleled talent and artistic vision to each piece she creates. With a reputation that precedes her, Mollie is celebrated for her intricate work and her unwavering commitment to the art of sand painting.

Mollie's work is defined by her use of sand gathered from diverse regions, each with its own unique colors and textures. This sand is thoughtfully arranged to create breathtaking, culturally significant designs. Mollie's careful selection and placement of each grain of sand bring her creations to life, making them true masterpieces that convey a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the American Southwest.

This Sand Painted Wedding Vase is a statement piece, perfect for weddings and special occasions. It serves as both a beautiful work of art and a symbol of unity, love, and tradition. Its large size and double sided design makes it a captivating centerpiece, bringing the rich history of Native American culture to the forefront of your celebration.

This exquisite vase is more than just a decorative item; it is a piece of living history. Mollie Goldtooth's artistry transcends the ordinary, transforming each piece into a captivating story of native culture, tradition, and love.


Height: 7 in 

Width:  4.5 in

Weight: 14 oz 

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