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Handmade Olive Wood Rosary with Metallic Crucifix

Handmade Olive Wood Rosary with Metallic Crucifix

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This stunning rosary is handmade of authentic Olivewood beads, and consists of
59 carved beads and a crucifix attached by metal points.  The crucifix is metal
and contains a metal Jesus figurine and INRI plaque. A lovely gift for family,
friends, or for special events.

The rosary is a form of prayer used especially in the Catholic Church or a
string of prayer beads used to count the component prayers.

 Olive wood began in Bethlehem which was in the 4th century, but today the art
is a major source of income for makers and is the most profitable tourist
product in the city around Christmas time olive wood is craved into crosses,
boxes, picture frames, covers for old books, candle holders, rosaries, urns,
Christmas ornaments, vases.

 Note: Some of these pieces come in different shades, some are darker and some
are lighter not all of them are the same.

 Size & Weight are not 100% accurate but we strive to get the best and closest
measurements possible. Please consider that before purchasing.
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