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Handmade Large Native American Acoma Wedding Vase Pottery

Handmade Large Native American Acoma Wedding Vase Pottery

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Celebrate love and unity with the timeless elegance of the Native American Acoma Wedding Vase Pottery. Handcrafted by skilled artist "Mickey" of the Acoma Pueblo tribe, this masterpiece captures the essence of tradition, symbolism, and craftsmanship.

Crafted from the finest locally sourced clay, each vase tells a unique story through intricate patterns, colors, and shapes that reflect the deep cultural heritage of the Acoma people. The exquisite hand-painted designs are a testament to the tribe's connection with nature, spirituality, and the bond of marriage.

Standing as a symbol of togetherness, the two spouts of the wedding vase represent the couple's separate lives, coming together to share a single path forward. As they pour simultaneously from their respective spouts into the common chamber, they unite their destinies, hopes, and dreams in a beautiful display of love and commitment.

Whether as a centerpiece for your wedding ceremony or a cherished keepsake to commemorate your special day, the Acoma Wedding Vase Pottery radiates warmth, cultural richness, and the power of love. Its timeless design transcends generations, making it a cherished family heirloom to pass down from one union to the next.

Display it proudly in your home as a reminder of the unity that joins hearts and cultures. Embrace the beauty of tradition with the Native American Acoma Wedding Vase Pottery – a masterpiece that encapsulates the artistry, spirituality, and enduring love that mark life's most significant moments.

Height: 8 in 

Width:  5.5 in

Weight: 1 LB   

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